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Web Design

» 5 page website £475.99
» 10 page website £899.99
» 15 page website £1299.99
Process of creating a website.
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Some website changes will be straightforward, whereas others may require more thought, attention and time.
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Search SEO

As you may already know, getting a good search engine ranking is next to impossible without some background work on your website.
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Web Hosting

Think of website hosting as renting space on a computer that has been optimized to deliver web pages really fast.
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Welcome to TRdesigns Web Designer Stoke!

Designing websites for companies within the UK and Europe.

TRdesigns has an extensive client base built over 9 years with a great range of companies which I designed websites, provided web hosting, web maintenance, setup email accounts and search engine submissions SEO work.

TRdesigns can provide help if you are having service problems with your current website designer or you may have other website maintenance issues. Many companies choosing to have a new website created for the first time may only need a five to ten page website, this can be updated or expanded anytime your company requires.

Five page website only cost £475.99 and includes

A domain name or .com, 1 years website hosting, professional stock photos for the new website and pop email account setup, everything to get your company started online.

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What's the process of creating a website?

10 steps to what's involved when creating a new website.

» The Initial Client Enquiry - Call: 01782 512341
» We agree the new website specification and requirements.
» TRdesigns estimate cost for design and time to complete.
» Client accepts the estimate & invoiced 25% of the estimated costs.
» Work will commence when deposit invoice is paid.
» Client provides information, text and images for website.
» Client approves on-going design work online and provides feedback.
» When complete, client agrees that the new website meets requirement.
» Invoice for the final balance will be issued.
» When final invoice is paid the new website will go live...

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